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The week of February 20st through the 26th, 2022 will be observed as National Engineers Week.

This week is celebrated to salute engineers who make the world a better place, and who educate, inspire and volunteer their time to the community with more than one million hours of service each year.  In the future, we will look to engineers to assist in our efforts in developing the most productive use of our resources, to reduce waste and to minimize the impact of our growth on the environment.

Call for 2022 Nominations (Due date extended to December 15, 2021):


2022 Engineer of the Year
2022 Young Engineer of the Year

2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

2022 Outstanding Project Award

Congratulations to: 

2022 Engineer of the Year:

Fred Pondo, P.E.

2022 Young Engineer of the Year:

Eric Johnson, P.E., Pennoni Assoc.​

2022 Outstanding Project Award:

​SR 0322 - Conchester Highway, Benesch

Many Thanks to our 2022 Engineers Week Sponsors Below:

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Pennoni Logo with Arial Text.jpg

1962 Lee Douglas, PE
1963 Chalmer G. Kirkbride, PE, PhD
1964 Allen H. Kidder, PE
1965 James Harlow, PE
1966 Samuel E. Carpenter, PE
1967 John J. Gallen, PE
1968 Gustave D. Houtman, PE
1969 Roy F. Weston, PE
1970 William L. Bedford, PE
1971 Bernard Marin, PE
1972 Charles C. Zollman, PE
1973 Robert B. Johnson, PE
1974 James T. Clark, PE
1975 Charles F. Kain, PE
1976 Charles A. Meyer, PE
1977 Samuel Mercer, Jr., PE, PhD
1978 Robert M. Koerner, PE, PhD
1979 Robert J. Stone, PE
1980 Belknap Freeman, PE
1981 Robert P. Benedict, PE
1982 Michael P. Smyth, PE
1983 Shields L. Daltroff, PE
1984 John S. Kemper, PE
1985 John Blake Campbell, PE
1986 James W. Banham, PE
1987 William K. Scattergood, PE
1988 O. J. Hart, PE
1989 John Kampmeyer, PE
1990 Transition Year


1991 Nicholas J. Cirilli, PE

1992 Peter K. MacEwen, PE

1993 David Bevan, PE

1994 Jack Smyth, PE

1995 Charles Bartholomew, PE

1996 Joseph J. Viscuso, PE

1997 John J. Gillespie, PE

1998 C.R. “Chuck” Pennoni, PE

1999 Steven A. Gucciardi, PE

2000 Elizabeth A. Catania, PE

2001 Fred A. Akl, PE, PhD

2002 Engineering Heroes of September 11th 2001

2003 Pasquale A. Dougherty PE, PLS

2004 Walter R Garrison PE

2005 Susan L. Best, PE

2006 John E. Pickett, PE, AICP

2007 Eileen M. Nelson, PE

2008 David S. Lowdermilk, PE

2009 75th Anniversary of PSPE

2010 Christine Volkay-Hilditch, PE

2011 John A. Nawn, PE, PTOE, F. NSPE

2012 Joseph P. Martin, PhD, PE

2013 Brian P. MacEwen, PE

2014 Elaine Elbich, PE

2015 Russell C. Williams, PE

2016 David Lemmerman

2017 Timothy Bayse, PE

2018 Charles J. Catania, Jr., PE

2019 Helen Robinson, P.E.

2020 Carol C. Martsolf, PE, PMP, LEED AP

past engineers of the year

past young engineers of the year

2007 Michael J. Ciocco, PE, SEO

2008 Kevin Matson, PE

2010 Nathan Cline, PE, SEO

2014 Christie M. Pace, PE

2016 Matthew Mowrer, PE

2017 Jesse Wullenwaber, PE

2018  Joshua D. Treisner, P.E.

2020 Michael Senior, EIT

past lifetime achievement awards

2006 Manohar (Mike) Arora, PE

2007 H. Gilroy (Gil) Damon, Jr., PE, PLS

2008 James C. Kelly, PE, PLS

2011 Joseph L. Salvucci

2012 Thomas A. Caramanico, PE

2013 Charles J. Catania, Sr., PE, PLS

2014 John E. Pickett, PE AICP

2015 C. R. (Chuck) Pennoni, PE

2016 John E. Kampmeyer, PE

2017 Dr. Fred Akl, PE, PhD

2018 Dave Campbell, P.E.

past project of the year awards

2018 Chester Rd-SR 320 Swarthmore Roundabout

2019 PA Route 926 Over Brandywine Creek Bridge Replacement

2020 Villanova University Pedestrian Bridge

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